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Field Study (2018) HD
Field Study (2018)
Year, country:
Ric Ellingson
Rob Dewbre, Jennifer Hauch, Leah Lindsay
1h 41min
In a provincial, small town in the state of Montana, dramatic, intriguing events unfold. For some time in the city streets something strange has happened and frightening. Suddenly, under unusual circumstances, minor children disappear without a trace. An unconventional, intricate crime is investigated by a professional, elderly investigator, a great experience with a job and a track record of decent. Set Palmer three decades ago, being a helpless child, also experienced a similar, unpleasant adventure, having disappeared for several days. Now he faces again with childish fears, overcome internal, contradictory feelings, to use the memories of an unpleasant incident to prevent new tragic cases of the loss of children. Palmer resolutely enthusiastically takes up the trial of a difficult crime, connected directly with the events of old. Studying in detail the available facts, examining material evidence, interviewing possible witnesses and parents of the disappeared offspring, the detective deliberately moves in the right direction, gradually approaching the solution of strange, frightening incidents. Unexpectedly, he manages to receive shocking information, which is undeniably authentic, confirming certain facts concerning the investigation. Extremely diligent information directly affects the life priorities of the Set and views on many things happening around, forever habitual changing the life of a person, shocked by the true causes of what happened.