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The Open Door (2017) HD
The Open Door (2017)
Year, country:
Steven F. Zambo
William Aird, Curt Backlund, William Beglinger
1h 50min
Differences from ordinary people are not considered a sentence. This is the truth from the childhood parents try to bring to Sam. On the other hand, Sam has a real gift that can bring a lot of good to the surrounding people. Sam is forced to move to live with Madison's sister in the small town of Fort Barber. While Sam, who suffers from autism, but has a special gift, misses the life when everything was going smoothly, his sister is trying to get used to the fact that she has to look after her sick brother. Parents are the first to understand that their son is special and literally attracts good. A struggle begins between the forces of good and evil. Misunderstandings and anger that surrounds the defenseless boy. Good and light, which can be obtained if you correctly understand the guy and open the door to his consciousness. Sam and his unusual talent change the attitude of his family...