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Axis (2017)
Year, country:
Aisha Tyler
Emily Bett Rickards, Sam Rockwell, Ciarán Hinds
1h 25min
Sometimes people, due to certain, very significant circumstances, have to radically change the existing way of life in order to avoid catastrophic consequences or achieve some specific, fateful goals. However, not everyone is able to say goodbye irrevocably to the unsightly moments of the passed life period. The past is a real, tangible substance that does not want to release its hostages without ceremony, it, as a rule, returns for payment. A completely successful Irish citizen lives a familiar life, which he managed to arrange safely, certain having achieved success in finding a good, profitable profession. He is quite satisfied with the established way of life, allowing himself to feel confident and self-sufficient person who realized the tasks set before him. A man in the past has experienced very unpleasant events that are far behind, in the farthest reaches hidden memory corners. He tries not to remember the dark side of his life, continuing as normal a possible existence, not looking back, purposefully on the chosen path. However, the ghosts of the past days to leave him are not going to rest and at some point they are persistently persecuted, intending to finally destroy the habitual existence. A series of incredible events twists the young Irishman into a cycle of horrific circumstances, participation in which can not be avoided. The terrible past irresistibly begins to return, not intending to retreat on any terms. Now at stake is not just life is well-being, but directly the life of a guy.