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Favorites Like.Share.Follow. (2017)

Like.Share.Follow. (2017)
Year, country:
Glenn Gers
Keiynan Lonsdale, Ema Horvath, Abraham Benrubi
1h 37min
Garrett loved to live in peace without straining himself, without unnecessary physical and emotional costs, so he never bothered with acquiring higher education and useful professional skills. He created his own channel on popular video hosting and began to shoot all sorts of videos, putting them on the Internet. The guy hoped not just to attract the attention of numerous users. The frivolous undertaking did not suit the stern father, who found such an occupation useless waste of time and effort. He tried to leave a stupid occupation, go to the pedagogical college, get the necessary education and get a job, providing stable earnings and a secure future, otherwise he will fall into poverty with such an attitude towards life. Soon Garrett's expectations were justified, having acquired millions of subscribers, he began to receive certain payments for the posted video.The guy decided to give it to his father for the development of private business. The surprised parent refused money, but recognized the effectiveness of his son's unusual activity. After going to the post office the young man accidentally gets acquainted with an attractive girl. Michelle literally charmed him with her charm and simplicity in communication, which they continued for dinner, which ended in a common bed. A new friend confessed that he was his furious fan and was in communication with him for over a year in the social network. Now she left school and came here specially from another city to meet with the idol. The shocked guy blamed the admirer for the persecution and drove him away. Removing, Michelle promised that he would certainly regret the thoughtless act.