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Edge of Isolation (2018) HD
Edge of Isolation (2018)
Year, country:
Jeff Houkal
Michael Marcel, Marem Hassler, Alexandra Peters
1h 29min
Young people, having gone on a journey to forest places to rest in nature and gain energy for the subsequent exhausting workdays, wandered deep into the impenetrable forests. Here they found themselves in a desperate situation, stuck in an unfamiliar area, not knowing where to go further to return home. Woe-travelers try to orient themselves in a remote thicket to get out of here and find some signs of human presence, ask for help, ask for the right direction of the route leading to the nearest settlement. Unexpectedly, they are faced with a strange family, living, apparently, somewhere nearby. An unusual, suspicious family lives in absolute isolation from modern society, leading a reclusive way of life. Hermits provide themselves with livelihood and other necessary things by looting. They attack unfortunate travelers, accidentally wandered into their territory, kill potential victims and take away all the property they have with dead people. A similar fate awaited a married couple, lost to their misfortune in dangerous places, threatening death to any wanderer. However, for certain reasons, the spouses liked cruel robbers, so they decide to make every effort to persuade uninvited guests to stay with them for a while. With regard to married tourists, the owners of the terrible dwelling have their own, grandiose plans, born in the sick imagination of bloodthirsty killers. The family couple will have to endure severe tests to return from an unusual journey unscathed.