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Guided by the Word (2017) HD
Guided by the Word (2017)
Year, country:
Tom Whitus
Teresa Wentzel, Lee Look, Sandy Beckerman
1h 19min
The story of a difficult journey, the ultimate goal of which is forgiveness.  On her death bed, Abigail asks her husband Steven to find their estranged daughter. Steven makes the journey from Kentucky to California to accomplish that wish.Complex relationships between parents and their foster daughter Miranda are interrupted for 25 years, since the girl decides to flee. Joseph meets a mysterious hitchhiker who may very well hold the secret. We learn that every journey needs a guide and that Steven will be.Dying, her mother asks her husband to find Miranda, give her the Bible, forgive her...In freemovies4k.org you can watch Edge of Isolation (2018) online in HD and full movie.