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Night Pulse (2018) HD
Night Pulse (2018)
Year, country:
Damon Packard
Mike Hickey, Marika Jett Hickey, Greg Blessing
1h 34min
Times change, human changing views on the surrounding reality and destiny of its own. Hollywood of the nineties differs somewhat from the present life's preferences and way of life. Here there are various personalities, as if locked in their reality, almost lost its relationship with the external, material world. Some people dream to connect their destiny with musical creativity, presenting themselves as a famous performer or a popular producer, successfully promoting talented young people to the top of their careers. Others have an uncontrollable desire to achieve huge success in financing, becoming a large, influential businessman who lives in luxury, satisfying, without thinking about possible difficulties, any whims and whims of his own soul. The third have more prosaic problems concerning ordinary, daily things. They just dream of getting rid of a distant relative who has arrived indefinitely, asked for a temporary shelter and settled in the apartment, it seems, forever, to leave the comfortable not wanting a place and go home. Almost an outsider, who has settled in a modest home, hinders to implement his own plans and is simply annoyed by his presence. The hopelessness of the situation and the inability to get rid of the undesirable tenant leads to frenzy, the commission pushes ill-considered actions that have unpleasant consequences that can not be changed or eliminated. So different people and different destinies create a kind of theater of the absurd, in which nostalgic traces of a recent past, irretrievably gone.