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Favorites The Kings of Mykonos (2010)

The Kings of Mykonos (2010)
Year, country:
Peter Andrikidis
Nick Giannopoulos, Vince Colosimo, Zeta Makrypoulia
1h 42min
The picture "Tsar Myken" was released in 2010 and immediately won the attention of viewers in different parts of the world. Steve (Nick Giannapalas), a guy from the usual family of the "working class", suddenly gets a good inheritance. The uncle with whom the hero of the film "The King Myken" (The Kings of Mykonos) never met, leaves him a beach in the Greek resort of Mycenae. Films from the fantasy genre have always been very popular, besides, when they are shot by such eminent directors as Peter Andrikidis. The country that has had a hand in this film production is France, because viewers can already approximate the level of color for similar creations. Suddenly becoming an important figure, "King Miken" is sent to the resort along with his Italian friend Frank (Vince Kolosimo). Here, friends meet many beautiful women, and also face the fact that relatives are inclined to challenge the inheritance of a thriving resort by the guy. Other problems are added by a wealthy businessman seeking to purchase Steve's beach and thereby expand his empire. You can watch the movie King Miken, 2010 in good quality for free and without registering on our website.