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Separated at Birth (2018) HD
Separated at Birth (2018)
Year, country:
Jean-François Rivard
Paige Turco, Dominique Provost-Chalkley, Brittany Allen
1h 34min
Lucy Pearce was born in an ordinary family, where she grew up happily and grew up. She never in her own doubted the history of the birth and sincerity of parents in relation to a single child. However, when the mother dies, the unexpected, terrible secrets of the past unfold. It turns out that her name is actually Victoria, and the whole lived twenty-year life is a continuous, horrible deception. Two decades ago, intruders kidnapped the unintelligent baby from the family, leaving her in the hands of completely strangers to the upbringing. The girl's blood mother is Elizabeth Marshall, who builds a successful political career. Now she is a very respectable, well-known prosecutor in the city, running for the governor of Pennsylvania. Having learned the secret information from her own biography, the young lady gets to know the real family. The meeting with the lost relatives at the highest level is passing, now everything becomes a must for places, life changes dramatically and begins to improve. The long-awaited, unexpected reunion of a stolen child and inconsolable for many years the mother becomes a big sensation, which received a huge resonance among the public. The coming family, the long-awaited idyll seems reliable, unbreakable, bringing extremely joyful moments to the close relatives separated for decades. But nothing happens in human life without ceremony, there are always pitfalls, breaking the ideal order, delivering a lot of unpleasant moments. Unexpected happiness will soon turn for Lucy somewhat different side, as the new family has its own secrets unpleasant moments.