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Midnight Sun (2018) HD
Midnight Sun (2018)
Year, country:
Scott Speer
Bella Thorne, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Rob Riggle
1h 31min
Cathy Price has a serious congenital disease. She can not be in the open sunlight. She spent seventeen years in the premises, sheltered from bright direct lighting. In fresh air, it can only go out after the sunset of the heavenly luminary to stroll around the neighborhood, when everyone is already at home. The girl has thought up unusual reception. Composes texts and music for the songs. After the twilight, the beginning music lover goes to the nearest railway station to enjoy the crowds and share their creativity. A crowd is crowding, waiting for the arrival of the convoy. Casual passengers become unwitting listeners of musical works of a young performer. Cathy visits a familiar place to share a new melody with passers-by. This day will be a turning point in her quiet life. The girl accidentally gets acquainted with Charlie, a serious relationship is gradually being tied up, which brought cardinal, undesirable changes to the girl's destiny. A new acquaintance made an indelible impression and awakened unfamiliar strong feelings in the heart of a young man. They begin to meet regularly. The chevalier begins to arouse suspicion that all appointments are appointed at night. A woman in love, afraid of losing her dream man forever, hid information about her terrible illness from him. Their unusual meetings with the moon continue until a certain point...