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Favorites La Leyenda del Chupacabras (2016)

La Leyenda del Chupacabras (2016)
Year, country:
Alberto Rodriguez
Eduardo España, Benny Mendoza, Paul Louis
1h 21min
A fascinating continuation of stories in which the characters have several times saved the world from evil and gave people a cloudless sky and a quiet life. What is waiting for them this time? A fun and memorable story about the amazing adventures of the brave boy Leo San Juan. The irrepressible boy Leo San Juan could not stay at home for a long time and he again went to travel. Of course, all his friends went with him. As described in the animated film "The Legend of Chupacabra", this company has a noble goal - to fight against all sorts of villains. Travelers get into a small, but very beautiful city of Pueblo. Unfortunately, in these parts of the country a civil war broke out. The Royal Army fought against the rebels. It occurred to some officials that Leo was a scout. The boy allegedly learns the location of the royal troops and hands them over to the rebels. Leo is a cheerful and benevolent boy, he always had many acquaintances, even the animals sought to make friends with him. Do not believe me? No wonder, it's a fairy tale story, and in fairy tales animals can be real heroes and true friends. Leo gathers the team and sets out on a dangerous road to Pueblo. For a long time comrades walked, the dangers met them at every turn, finally, the company got to the goal. San Juan and his friends were thrown into prison, which is in an abandoned monastery. It became known that one of the guards disappeared. It turns out that there lives a flying monster, which everyone calls Chupacabra. Leo manages to escape with the help of new acquaintances of the girl Juanita, who suffers a failure in memory and a colorful monster with the tentacles of Alebrich. With some difficulties Leo still managed to get acquainted with Chupacabra and learn his history. The monster was not so terrible. Locals mistakenly took Leo for a local bandit, he really looked like this guy. The leader of the team of heroes had to prove that he was an honest man, but the guards who seized him were already preparing for execution. Friends rushed to the rescue, but while they managed to overcome all obstacles, Leo, risking his life, fought with a flying monster, which was popularly called Chupacabra. Do you want to know who won the fight?