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Two Pigeons (2017) HD
Two Pigeons (2017)
Year, country:
Dominic Bridges
Javier Botet, Mandeep Dhillon, Lee Macdonald
1h 20min
An immoral, unscrupulous and slippery agent selling immovable property opens a real hunt for a former client, about an impending unsuspecting threat. When he calmly, without experiencing unnecessary problems, moves to the acquired dwelling, an invisible, sophisticated, intimidating revenge campaign begins against him. A calculating, self-centered real estate agent recently with a potential buyer worked, ignoring his proposals, without catching on ingenious, professional tricks that up to this point have worked flawlessly, allowing to fool any gullible person. Rejecting the proposed acquisition, he picked a bargain, and deprived of a large broker fees, confident of a positive result and do not expect the kind, impartial outcome of lengthy negotiations. The agent left without a profitable transaction is enraged and completely loses self-control, which leads to an uncontrolled splash of emotions, leading to the commission of spontaneous, monstrous acts. In the head of a psychologically frustrated man, terrible pictures of cruel revenge are beginning to be drawn ungrateful, showing persistence to the client. It covers an irresistible thirst for speedy vengeance. He is taken to keep an eye on the future victim, watches the move to a new apartment, how a happy person settles in a new place, establishes his own way of life. Learning someone else's way of life brings the necessary information for the organization of inventive, extraordinary ways of brutal revenge, which begins to deliver an unimaginable pleasure to a maniac who begins to realize that this can happen again.