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Favorites Miss March (2009)

Miss March (2009)
Year, country:
Zach Cregger, Trevor Moore
Zach Cregger, Trevor Moore, Raquel Alessi
1h 30min
A young man named Eugene chastely friends with the girl Cindy, considering it immoral to enter into an intimate relationship before the wedding. However, a ridiculous accident led to the fact that Eugene fell into a coma for four years. His father went to work in another city, and school love now flaunts naked in the pages of a popular men's magazine and is proudly called "Miss Mart". Still feeling the feelings for Cindy Eugene agrees to Tucker's proposal and goes in search of his beloved. They spent a lot of time together and they had a lot in common. But the two young people had one major difference. Tucker to the end of school became a real womanizer and did not miss by not one skirt. Eugene, on the contrary, after several negative moments in his teenage life, was still not close to the girl. Finally, after the graduation ball, he decides to spend the night with any girl Cindy. Before their relationship grew into the more intimate, an accident happens with Eugene, as a result of which he spent four years in a coma. When Eugene comes to, his clean and gentle friend is not around.But, as it turned out, the school buddy Tucker did not leave him all this time and remains a loyal and faithful companion, despite his clockwork and frivolous nature. However, in absurd contingency, the guy falls into a coma, from which he leaves only four years later. Having come to himself, he learns a lot of interesting and unexpected news. Realizing that he still feels her feelings, Eugene agrees to Tucker's offer to go to her search. Eugene wants to meet with her ex-girlfriend and return her, for this purpose she and Takeer are developing a plan for how to do it. And then the friends go to Los Angeles, intending to enter the headquarters of the magazine. Interestingly, the actors Zach Gregger and Trevor Moore performing these two main roles are also the authors of the script and the film directors.