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Silence (2016)
Year, country:
Martin Scorsese
Andrew Garfield, Adam Driver, Liam Neeson
2h 41min
Jesuit monk, Father Krishtovan Ferreira, came to Japan. He wants to preach here the ideas of Christianity. He does not even keep a "vow of silence." Krishtofan writes letters to his homeland, where he criticizes the teachings of Christ and raises many problems in the Bible. The characters of the movie are met by many people. Some of them completely lost faith and were mired in sin. For example, their fellow travelers at first seemed decent people. But then it turned out that they are robbers and deceivers. Therefore, angry malefactors simply beat people. But even the crippled priests still meet their planned goal. Ferrer is no longer part of their Jesuit clan. He publicly renounced God and gave up faith. This fact even more encourages friends to fulfill the plan. Two young Jesuits, Sebastian Rodriguez and Francisco Garrpé, want to understand why their respected mentor became a renegade. In Japan, ruled by a cruel shogunate Tokugawa. He wants to cleanse the country of alien religions. Christianity and, above all, Catholicism are banned. On local residents they arrange real persecution. Young priests everywhere come across rancor and violence. Only now do they understand in what terrible conditions their teacher appeared. Seeing how badly people suffer not understand why God looks at it in silence. But not everyone believes in this news. He got lost in a hostile state and he needs serious help. The abbot asks if they are firmly convinced of their decision, which is answered positively, he warns them that they step on this land, they will be in great danger. In Japan, not all are positive about the peaceful mission of preachers. Many of the local population positively accepted such an innovation, but some went against it. Still, the holy fathers decide to bring people faith in charity and kindness...