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All Summers End (2017)
Year, country:
Kyle Wilamowski
Pablo Schreiber, Tye Sheridan, Kaitlyn Dever
1h 50min
A fifteen-year-old boy undergoes a very difficult period of life, provoked by certain, unpleasant circumstances. The boy-teenager experiences for the first time a unique feeling of sincere love for the young Grace's young age, the boy's reciprocity. He can not understand for a long time what is happening to him in reality, since new sensations occurring inside are completely unfamiliar and difficult to explain. But soon everything rises to its own place, there is an awareness of the reality of what is happening. Now young lovers have to face sometimes with a misunderstanding of others. Adults consider them too small for a serious relationship, and buddies are always joking around the same time, not taking seriously the newly emerging attraction between them. We have to overcome a lot of obstacles in order to remain the same. However, due to an unpleasant combination of circumstances, romantic, tender relationships between teenagers are under threat of total destruction. Once, the hooligan, frivolous act of Conrad leads to tragic consequences, resulting in the death of the beloved's brother. Now intrusive conscience does not give rest to the ardent lover, constantly about terrible reminding a crime concerning the close person of its elect, not having representation about the real reasons of the happened trouble which has come to the end with terrible event. An unpleasant incident leads to the deep, emotional experiences of Conrad, reflecting on the formation of an unstable, adolescent nature. He begins to behave extremely unrestrained, sometimes unjustifiably aggressive, causing undeserved suffering to loving people.