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Rapture (2014)
Year, country:
Richard Lowry
Blair Besten, Jacqueline Buda, Dagmar Edwards
1h 25min
The plot of the "Rapture" is interesting in that it keeps the viewer "at arm's length" from the solution all the time. It all starts with the fact that a married couple Rob (Blaine Wheatley) and Tari (Blair Basten) ride in a car on a deserted highway. At some point, all electronics are turned off and the engine stalls. Call for technical assistance can not - do not work phones. Determine the time is impossible - the clock has risen. It remains to go on foot to find out the cause of what happened. On the road, they meet with Keith (Teresa McLaughlin) and Petra (Dagmar Edwards), who are in the same strange position. Unexpected power outages and the resulting breakdown of household appliances are catching humanity by surprise. This was the first portent of the coming nightmare. Unnaturally dark clouds are concentrated over populated areas. Their unfurling dark interior emits thousands of lightning that overtake and spread with their deadly charge. There is a sudden surge in the development of an infectious disease that is fatal in a short period of time, equal to a couple of hours. It happens quite suddenly. All electrical appliances break down, dark clouds of extraterrestrial origin, scattering deadly lightning, cover the city outside the city, and water and food are poisoned. The main characters desperately try to escape...Parallel to this, the viewer is shown the story of two brothers who are not averse to clearing the pockets of citizens from cash. The appearance of the unknown and the unknown aggressor like a "breakthrough infernal" - black cloud with a luminous central spot "spew" "lightning destiny", turning to flee the victim in the charred remains. Water and food are poisoned, now they are not suitable for consumption. Obviously, the time allotted to human life and civilization is running out. At the risk of their lives, a small group of survivors of chaos, is seeking refuge. All this looks very nice in a frame and holding a certain voltage, causing wonder: what is bad has happened to the "old lady" Earth .. The undoubted pluses is attributed interesting music Robert Douglas that "deepens" the visual range?. The actor's game "within the limits of the permissible": if it does not shine, then it does not cause distrust. This situation persists up to about 50 minutes, when somewhat modified from the inner conviction of Peter begins to quote Revelation (the name of the last book of the New Testament), better known as the Apocalypse. This completes the whole fantasy, and the story begins about how Rob, being an ardent atheist just a couple of hours ago, suddenly "finds God." It does not look very much because of the internal distrust of the viewer to the act of the hero, even, given what happened to him before that. In general, the final looks grandstanding a new-fangled churches, the main precept of them - will be saved only those who are with us for the rest - a fitting tribute. It is a pity that a pretty good idea in the beginning, strongly degraded to the finale.