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Favorites 59 Seconds (2016)

59 Seconds (2016) HD
59 Seconds (2016)
Year, country:
Benedict Dorsey
Nyell Segura, Pruitt Taylor Vince, Julito McCullum
1h 35min
Young guys, even if involved in petty crimes, are not necessarily residents of poor neighborhoods. If you take into account that there are no small crimes, stole something, offended someone, because not a big offense very often develops into a big crime, then any offense committed by a person is a crime. All the more sad, if the crimes are committed by very young people, these guys are usually called difficult teenagers. On the criminal path become rich and poor, it is not necessary that a person who does not have enough food, no money for a good suit, will go to crime. The rich also commit offenses, although they have enough food and the closet is clogged with clothes. Everyone has his own reasons for committing a crime, one does not have enough food, another wants to buy another car and both do not have enough money for these purchases. As for youth, the criminals among the children who grew up in the poor neighborhoods are certainly more than anywhere else. Niell Segura lived in an unfavorable area. Nyell's parents worked hard and did not pay much attention to the lessons of their son. The guy demanded attention to himself, he was indignant that parents apart from work and domestic affairs are not interested in anything else. To show that he is a living person and wants to communicate with him, Niell did not do good deeds. One day, to irritate his parents, the guy dragged his brother into a scam, which led the boy to death. What should Niell Segura do to sooth his sins?