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Favorites Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk (2016)

Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk (2016) HD
Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk (2016)
Year, country:
Ang Lee
Joe Alwyn, Garrett Hedlund, Arturo Castro
1h 53min
The events of the war in Iraq will still stir people's hearts for a long time. Their relatives, relatives, loved ones - all of them also experienced losses and were happy to return their own sons and husbands to their homes. But while this bloody war was going on, many evils and murders were committed. Billy Lynns platoon enters battle, which falls into the lenses of portable news cameras. The guy participated in a military operation in Iraq as a platoon commander. Battle with the enemy was filmed on camera by American TV reporters. The plot was viewed by many people, so the platoon of the hero gained national fame. The government decides not to miss the opportunity to proliferate and sends a platoon to the promotional tour. A rare minute could become a distraction from the infernal hell. President arranged a respite for the tired soldiers and organized a small sports festival. On Thanksgiving Day the fighters had a long-awaited day off. All this looks fun and patriotic. While this day has come, you can rejoice at meeting with your forgotten friends. Guys are happy to see their native places, close people. But here they are not haunted by journalists. Producers made a high-quality television show. They all figured it out, so the success of the project was assured. They return to the zone of hostilities. A match organized in honor of the valiant soldiers becomes an occasion. People take pictures with their heroes. But Billy and his regimental companions understand that soon everything will end. Until these sweet moments have come to an end, you can continue your romantic stories, meetings with children, moms, dads. The culmination of their journey is a football match for Thanksgiving. It is here that Billy falls in love with a charming girl, which no one has canceled...