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Favorites Rock Star (2001)

Rock Star (2001)
Year, country:
Stephen Herek
Mark Wahlberg, Jennifer Aniston, Dominic West
1h 45min
The plot of the movie "Rock Star" about the life of a young kid named Chris Cole. The hero's youth falls on the most ambitious time of the previous century, the time of punk-style prosperity, rock'n'roll - dashing eighties. The main character of the film "Rock Star" is called Chris Cole. He basically has only one passion - heavy rock. Since the hobby can not support a guy, refills cartridges and repairs equipment, and only at night gives himself the freedom to go on stage with friends the hits of his beloved band. All musical groups, related to the performers of "heavy music", were very popular. Especially appreciated the "dudes" who have outstanding acting talent and similarity, according to external data, with a mega-famous rocker. Cole has Emily's girlfriend, who completely supports the lover's love, although it's not always easy, it only remains to draw a happy ticket. The owners of bars offered such "stars" an extra work for symbolic fees, which suited both. Our hero belongs to this category. The hero is an inconspicuous fellow who repairs office equipment. Once glory finds its hero. Steve receives an offer from the director of his favorite rock band that she wants to see Chris as their soloist. Naturally, he does not miss a chance and immediately flies to the group's camp. Friends kick him out of the same group they created, in fact, the parodists of Steel Dragon and are eager to move on in their work further. Heartbroken, Chris receives an unexpected call, which he took as a rally, Cole is offered to join the "Steel Dragon" on an ongoing basis. Chris becomes very famous, he leads a wild life, tossing money to the right and left. He gets a life he always wanted, but can a provincial singer not catch a star fever? You need to be careful, because his young infantilism can play a cruel joke with him.