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Sing (2016) HD
Sing (2016)
Year, country:
Garth Jennings, Christophe Lourdelet (co-director)
Matthew McConaughey, Reese Witherspoon, Seth MacFarlane
1h 48min
A Koala named Buster Moon owns a small theater. Once it was very popular in the city and thousands of visitors went to the performances almost every day. It must be added that this city is not quite ordinary. "The beast. The path to fame "consists entirely of anthropomorphic animals. That is, ordinary animals are depicted fully as people - their clothes, habits, life way of life, cities. Accordingly, Buster owned a theater, consisting of animal artists. Now his offspring is going through not the best of times. His project is gradually becoming obsolete. Less and less visitors go to shows. The era of high technology has conquered the world and gradually kills the love of living art. The glory of the once wildly popular stage goes into oblivion. It is urgent to do something. After all, the theater can stay afloat only from cash injections. And if there are no spectators, then there is no ticket sales. Koala comes up with a brilliant plan. The Buster is not averse to going to a little deception, for the sake of his beloved theater. Having hung noodles on his partner's ears, Moon organizes a competitive audition. It turns out an analogue of world famous vocal competitions. Listening to the theater offers the winner a large cash reward. After the announcement was sent around the city, a set of participants went. No one would have thought, but a lot of animals responded! A very diverse company is selected for the competition. After a long selection, five participants reach the final. Mouse, moonlighting as a street musician. He has a roguish character and a thirst for theft. A teenager whose fear of a scene. A housewife of a pig and mother of twenty-five children. Gorilla-ganster, who wants to engage with a criminal past. And a porcupine girl singing punk rock. She is trying to start a solo career and get away from her arrogant guy.