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A Date with Miss Fortune (2015) HD
A Date with Miss Fortune (2015)
Year, country:
John L'Ecuyer
Jeannette Sousa, Ryan Scott, Joaquim de Almeida
1h 37min
Jack - a young, promising man, who has literary talent, who successfully uses in professional work. He works on television, writes scripts for unpretentious television series and popular show programs. Once, while dining in a local cafe, he finds himself in an impartial situation, from which it is not easy to get out himself. Nearby it turns out by a lucky chance charming charmer who decides to provide help, who finds himself in an embarrassing position to the person. A small joint adventure led to the emergence of sympathy and desire in a relaxed way to continue communicating with the home environment. New friends go to the apartment to Jack, where they spend a sleepless night for long, frank conversations on topics of all kinds, causing mutual interest, which was surprisingly many.
Marie tried to intelligently sack the impudent but the hall a young lady rushed. Maria masterfully played her part when Megan and Arnold left the institution, Jack offered to treat her with a pie. The girl gently tried to get rid of the unwanted presence and would not be able to take the opportunity to thank the savior. After a confidential communication, young people understand that they have much in common, that by all means leads to a genuine sense of love. Serious problems appeared that prevented their reunification. The guy wrote the script series, he was lucky enough to get a contract in London. The longer the new acquaintances communicated, the more common points they found. Difficulties arise from the relatives and the permanent psychologist Maria, who is going to make every effort to prevent undesirable changes in the personal life of her patient. It is difficult to solve the problem, with the establishment of a connected good relationship with the numerous relatives, who are disposed to be unfriendly, to fascinate strangers. Jack is more difficult doubly, he needs to cope with the prejudices of a psychiatrist, without the permission of which future happiness is impossible.