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6:66 PM (2017) HD
6:66 PM (2017)
Year, country:
Jim Klock
Jim Klock, Chad Ridgely, Alexis Kelley
1h 22min
Reality show should bring profit to its creators, demonstrate high ratings. Participants are waiting for prizes, recognition by spectators, no one wants to leave at the very beginning. This time it is necessary to investigate paranormal phenomena, to substantiate the nature of their origin or to refute their origin. Each case requires careful verification, each series is of genuine interest. A group of obvious losers, united by extraordinary, common interests, consisting in an absurd hunt for notorious mystical phenomena, decides to create a promising reality show. Armed with intricate equipment of ghost hunters and a lot of expensive cameras, incorrigible dreamers illegally enter a detached, ancient mansion, enveloped in a mysterious halo of unsolved mysteries. At first, the dilapidated house seems quite an ordinary place, full of musty smells and frighteningly creaky floorboards. One of the participants in the show was Daniel - a temporarily unemployed actor. Shooting in large projects does not offer him, the income from the commercials does not allow satisfying the basic needs. Participation in the show should help to gain popularity, in the future to receive a lot of beneficial offers. The investigation of mystical affairs is not at all the direction with which he will work, but this activity is temporary. He must reincarnate as Sherlock Holmes, that is, become an experienced judicial investigator. His partner will be the charming Cheryl, who acts as a psychic. The girl treats all events from the point of view of mysticism, whereas the guy is going to refute her words, leading a reasonable argument from a scientific point of view. Every event happens in this world is not accidental, and a couple will prove it. Wandering through the spacious rooms of the once rich building, the obstinate guys persistently try to reach the desired contact with invisible essences. But numerous attempts of poor people suffer a legitimate fear. However, the insidious forces of darkness, serenely sleeping in the dilapidated walls of the building, sensing the intrusive presence of strangers, suddenly wake up. The indescribable horrors of the unidentified suddenly fall upon the confused friends, clearly threatening to destroy them. Only an unprecedented belief in escaping salvation can save desperate comrades. The only worry is that the show is shot in an abandoned house, about which many sinister legends are composed. Mysterious house has repeatedly been the subject of discussions, but the characters will face inexplicable events that can not be solved. A terrible reality is the persecution by the specter of a serial killer, who in the past committed many murders of innocent citizens. Intervention in another world entails many tragic consequences that must be avoided until a new crime occurs. Courageous couple of researchers try not to pay attention to the past, but avoid persecution can not. The ghost craves blood and death, it does not get ahead of him.