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Antisocial.app (2017) HD
Antisocial.app (2017)
Year, country:
Tommaso Cardile
Ashley Rickards, Skyler Maxon, Greg Ellis
1h 23min
A fascinating, intense and very realistic movie will plunge into the cold and frightening atmosphere of the world of the near future, in which, of course, everyone is sitting in social networks, and life is directly dependent on... applications... The film is a dramatic thriller about technology future, destroying human society. An unprincipled start-up named Laynos Springer created an international corporation called "Titan". He pursues a monstrous goal - through the latest technology and the world wide web to control our entire world and influence the course of events in it. His IT specialists have already developed an application called "Andy", which can easily drive cars, entertain people and remotely control any electronic system. But the guys are not enough ... The international corporation "Titan", created by the ambitious but immoral start-up manager Lainos Springer, conquers the technology market. The main dream of its creator is to control the whole world through computer networks, changing the future at personal discretion. Invented by the employees of "Titan" revolutionary application "Andy" can already do much - drives cars, entertains people and remotely controls electronic systems, but IT is not enough. Springer continues to hire young, talented and ambitious, whose innovative ideas are his liking. Another brilliant employee is the main character of the film - a talented eighteen-year-old girl named Jessiah. She excelled in the originality of her thoughts and the creation of a strange network application, which, unlike standard search engines of social networks, helps to find not friends, but... enemies! Pursuing his goals, Springer brings together young, innovative programmers whose works are of innovative interest. Among the young geniuses is eighteen-year-old hacker Jesse, who came up with a network application of the future. Using the base of "Titan", the program Jesse is looking for enemies instead of friends. The invented "antisocial network" seems interesting, but a slight change in the code triggers an irreversible process: an innovative application begins to kill its creators' enemies. This thing seems very entertaining. But then something terrible happens, but it's quite expected. Someone replaces only a few lines of code, and the "antisocial network" starts killing users...