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Across the Line (2015) HD
Across the Line (2015)
Year, country:
Director X.
Stephan James, Sarah Jeffery, Steven Love
1h 27min
The boy from early age is seriously involved in hockey. He has all the skills to win local hockey stadiums, and most importantly - a real passion for this sport. He maneuvering with a stick and writing out pirouettes on the ice, but honest work and full involvement was not enough to become noticed. Throughout his conscious life, Slaughter broke through of enmity, enmity and humiliation. After all, in a small provincial town in Nova Scotia, where the boy was born and grew up, nobody heard about tolerance, racial tolerance and equality of people. The city despised, not missing the opportunity to release an offensive joke or hang a stump. In the neighborhood where the boy lives, he constantly falls under the distribution because of the prevailing racial discrimination. But the brave young man does not want to give up and forget about his dream, so he needs to become an indispensable player of the school hockey team. This step will help him to give impetus to his professional sports career. Alas, ridicule and mockery is not the worst thing. After all, because of racial discrimination, Matti could not fulfill his dream - to become a professional player in the NHL. The hero had all the makings to achieve the sports championship in hockey. Matty comes to the coach of the team and announces his desire to replenish her ranks. Here again he faces a wall of prejudices associated with the color of his skin. Partners on the rink seem to not notice his talent and coach is clearly annoyed by the desperate impulses of a resolute dark-skinned boy. But the persistent schoolboy does not intend to give up, therefore he decides to train with even greater perseverance. Moreover, strive to take his place at the very top, his main competitor for the school team Todd - a little less gifted player...