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Valley of Ditches (2017) HD
Valley of Ditches (2017)
Year, country:
Christopher James Lang
Amanda Todisco, Russell Bradley Fenton, Jeremy Sless
1h 17min
Emilia was taken hostage to some mad religious fanatics Sean. The kidnapper drives her on her car over the sultry southwest American desert. In the rearview mirror, Emilia sees Mike's bloodied and lifeless body. Amid the hot sand, Sean plans to carry out lynching over a poor girl who, in his opinion, has committed a number of serious sins in the past. Emilia regained consciousness and was horrified. It is connected, is in the front seat of the car. Next to him is a murderer who digs a grave. The negative hero of this horror film of 2017, a religious fanatic, brings a young girl to Emilia in the desert. She is severely beaten, her body has almost no living place, but does not want to do it with his own hands, deciding to leave her to die under the scorching sun in a deep pit. As soon as the car disappears, Emilia manages to get out of the hole, but in vain. The heroine prayed that she managed to get out of the desert alive and unharmed, retaining her reason, because she still had to find her kidnapper and take revenge on him for what had been done. In his sayings the fanatic constantly adds quotes from the Holy Scripture, later tells Emily how he cold-bloodedly killed his brother. The girl with horror understands that hardly-Sean will let her live when he sees how he digs out the grave. Obviously, the scoundrel will soon kill Emilia. Only if she can get away and escape from a maniac, it's by no means a fact that she will survive. And indeed, the madman has prepared for the main character very sophisticated torture. He leaves it in a deep trench right in the middle of the endless desert, food and hope for salvation, for there is a desert for many kilometers around, which is threatened with a painful death. However, Emilia will fight to the end in such an unpleasant situation, where survival itself can be much..