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Favorites Little Mermaid (2016)

Little Mermaid (2016)
Year, country:
Roxie Blum, Matt Martin
Rosie Mac, Matt Martin, Amber Borzotra
1h 30min
The main character is a young girl of incredible beauty. She is not used to living around people which is so unusual for her. Her heart was subdued by a very handsome blond. She managed to find him in the world of people and socialize. The guy want to continue further communication. A lot of adventures await the Mermaid. Quite by chance, the Little Mermaid met a real handsome man. She was ready for anything to be with him, and achieved such an opportunity. She become acquainted with such human qualities as love, betrayal. Once she even recognizes the taste of alcohol. The planThe main character is a young girl of incredible beauty. We invite you to evaluate the new movie in 2016, starring Rosie MacDubler of Emilia Clarkes for the Little Mermaid to find close and loyal friends who can be trusted by everyone. The heroine met him a long time ago. However, the guy does not remember that he has already met a stranger whose behavior seems to him to be awkward, but does not detract from him at all. The Little Mermaid is going to find out what separation is like with friends, how alcohol affects the human body, and also undergo many tests and face everyday problems. The heroine has to face the unsightly aspects of human life, with the nasty facts of the existence. Showing the complexity of the world of people, modernizing the plot. Conclusions are best done independently, gives a material for thought. History is imbued with tragedy, connected with the problems of jealousy...