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Favorites Gardens of the Night (2008)

Gardens of the Night (2008)
Year, country:
Damian Harris
Gillian Jacobs, John Malkovich, Ryan Simpkins
1h 50min
The film will tell the actual, bold, soul-stirring story about the kidnapping industry and what happens to those released from captivity. In the center of the plot are the eight-year-old boy and girl kidnapped from the house and believed that they no longer need their parents. After nine years of horror, they become free. Sixteen teens who do not have any support in life, except for each other, are now forced to live on the streets of San Diego. Children who grew up on the street rarely achieve real success in life, but nothing prevents teenagers from dreaming and striving for the best. A similar story happened to the young heroes of the dramatic melodrama "Night Gardens", which at a fairly young age lost their parents and were below the poverty line. Washington, Pennsylvania. Eight-year-old Leslie, who trustingly agreed to look for the dog of an unfamiliar uncle, was in a car carrying away from the house. The two kidnappers, the talkative Alex and the quick-tempered Frank, explained to the little girl that she was fed up with her parents, now they do not like her, and they did not like anything at all. In a cramped apartment in which the stolen property is brought, Leslie meets a peer, a dark-skinned boy named Donnie, a future named brother and friend. Now children for eight years - this is the period when a more or less conscious personality begins to form. But what can be in the brain of the kids who were kidnapped and stripped of everything? Heroes were on the street without the slightest chance of a bright future, but it was the vital difficulties that cemented the family ties to maximum strength. A girl and a boy hold hands tightly, and no adversity is capable of destroying the strong relationship of a brother and sister. More than a decade passed, but the heroes did not see anything bright in their lives. It takes 10 years. The grown-up Leslie lives in California, is engaged in prostitution and continues to be friends with Donny. Trying to end the street existence, the girl turns to the orphanage, where she tells a fictional story, but getting rid of the gloomy past is not easy. Every day was spent trying to find food and spending the night, because adults always took away what little they could find. "Night gardens" touches the depth of the soul, and the audience can only hope and pray that such a horror survived the minimum number of children.