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Favorites Bon Cop Bad Cop (2006)

Bon Cop Bad Cop (2006)
Year, country:
Erik Canuel
Michel Beaudry, Patrice Bélanger, Pierre Boudreau
1h 56min
Right on the border of Ontario and Quebec, they find the body of a man who has become the next victim of a bloodthirsty serial killer.
In the city of Ontario, a cruel maniac is running, killing members of the hockey community. At the crime scene, he sets aside an incomprehensible mask. The investigation of the case entrust Detective Martin Ward, who is known for his serious attitude towards work and respect for the law. Between the two police departments there is a heated debate on who should lead this high-profile investigation. More than the rest argue pedantic and always following the rules of Martin Ward, as well as infantile and unpredictable David Buchard, able to calmly cross the line of law. As a result, by chance, they are instructed to conduct this important investigation for both departments. But the problem is that these two detectives belong to different worlds. They communicate in different languages, have their own original style of doing business and do not accept when someone does not agree with them. After a while, on the border of Quebec and Ontario, the police find another corpse and then another detective enters the investigation - David Bouchard. This man is the exact opposite of Martin Ward. David Bouchard disdainfully applies to the law and knows very well how it can be circumvented. The style of his work does not correspond to the established rules and norms.
There is a clash of two cultures in the person of David and Martin. But, despite all the disagreements and constant heated arguments, they have one task - to catch a cruel criminal until he committed another murder. Heroes have to leave their differences for a while and start acting together, because they are both first-class detectives, which means that with the right approach, they will succeed. The general investigation gradually brings Bouchard and Ward closer, but can they completely resolve all problems in communication and reveal the important matter? In the end, these two policemen have to work together. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to understand each other, because sometimes they speak different languages. Both detective did not expect that everything would be so difficult.