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Blood Work (2002)
Year, country:
Clint Eastwood
Clint Eastwood, Jeff Daniels, Anjelica Huston
1h 50min
Terry McCaleb is already an elderly American who spent his entire life fighting crime. He was one of the most valuable agents of the FBI. For his career, he caught countless serial killers. But with age, he began serious heart problems. All this led to the fact that he lay down on a hospital bed. The operation was successful, but Terry could not return to his work. FBI agent Terry McCaleb managed to get on the trail of a dangerous criminal, whom he was chasing for a long time. But because of serious heart problems, McCaleb did not manage to grab him. After a difficult heart transplant, he retired and quietly lives on his boat, working as a private detective. During the persecution, the policeman falls with a heart attack. The service on this for Terry McCaleb ends. Two years later he waited for a heart transplant. Returning home after discharge from the hospital, he finds an unexpected visitor. Her request for an investigation into her sister's death did not even interest the former policeman. Learning that the deceased has become his heart donor. The former agent is now on a well-deserved rest and enjoys a quiet life. He could not imagine that soon he would have to return to his dangerous work. Glory still has not passed, so it is up to him to address a certain Rivers. The strangest thing is that Terri was transplanted exactly to her heart ... The measured life of the former FBI agent violates the visit of the young woman Graciela Rivers, whose heart gave Terry a new life. Feeling obligated to Terry undertakes to investigate this case and soon learns that the murderer of Sister Graciela, perhaps. The former minister of the law learns strange details of the case. The killer may be the same maniac that Terry is trying to catch for years.