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The Queen of Sin (2018) HD
The Queen of Sin (2018)
Year, country:
Jean-François Rivard
Christa B. Allen, Richard de Klerk, Amber Goldfarb
1h 30min
The girl did not show activity, being afraid to make mistakes in decision-making. Pinkerton's position was one of those young people who fully trusted the life-course. The uncertainty of the heroine did not allow her to show herself in any important matter. Pinkerton's position is too tight and not sure of herself. She spent her whole life with the flow and lived the right life with her fiance Tom. But fate confronts her with Jack, an attractive and charming businessman, next to whom Poza is finally beginning to emancipate. But she does not suspect that an affair with this mysterious stranger can lead her into the paws of the devil himself. The young lady did only the right things. The young lady met Tom. Even hypothetically, Posi did not allow the thought of another groom. The further life is planned for years ahead, and mad actions absolutely did not remain a place.
Suddenly, in her fate, Jack appeared. An attractive and charming entrepreneur immediately won the confidence of the girl. The man was able to convince and please the ladies. Next to the new friend, the heroine began to emancipate. She did things she'd never done before. The mysterious stranger completely subordinated the beauty to his will. The lady had no suspicions, but she was slowly approaching the abyss - the devil himself became interested in this person...