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Heartbeats (2017) HD
Heartbeats (2017)
Year, country:
Duane Adler
Daphne Zuniga, Justin Chon, Paul McGillion
1h 47min
The charming, incredibly talented girl becomes an involuntary participant of an incredibly interesting, exciting story. Since childhood, Kelly loved music and dreamed of being in adulthood professional dancer, endearing numerous spectators own skill, surprising unique natural sense of rhythm. On the path of the child's dream realization there are many obstacles, pushing to choose a completely different life path. The main problem associated with the financial side, which can be solved by building a successful career by a serious, popular, well-paid profession. Such a future is going to provide your child severe, persistent parents who think Dancing frivolous indulgence, capable of permanently depriving the future prospects and the successful career. Caring relatives, hope that the rebellious daughter will choose a more responsible occupation in which the great will achieve success and begin to earn the money that will ensure a comfortable existence. The girl categorically does not agree with the unceremonious interference in her plans. For perseverance, despite intransigence to established views, Kelly can not take decisive action, contrary to parental edification, because now in full financial dependence depends on them. If you go against the instructions of the elders, they will deprive her of her means of subsistence, which is naturally unacceptable, you have to endure injustice and wait for better times. Once in Bombay comes an American family to participate in a traditional wedding ceremony. This insignificant episode will forever change the views of others to dance.