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King Lear (2018) HD
King Lear (2018)
Year, country:
Stephen Armourae
Valis Volkova, Sha'ori Morris, John Micheal Foulger
1h 55min
Long ago, one of the rulers of Britain was King Lear a skilled master, the ruler of the country, a powerful autocrat capable of protecting his people from the onslaught of the enemy, even the most ferocious. Lear reigned for a very long time, because there was not one feudal lord who wanted to overthrow him from the throne, a poor peasant who wanted to see another king. Nevertheless, it can not be said that Lear is perfect in everything. A fictional story, based on Shakespeare's stories, will tell you about the modern "King of Lears" that runs modern Britain. In his world, is like a rigid dictator, with whom all are considered and obeyed. He wants, that the state was in such conservatism for a long time. The main character grew old. Watch the series King Lear is not just interesting, but in many ways instructive. In it, as if a red thread on a white fabric, the ironic morality of Shakespeare passes: the morals about the King, who warmed the flattery on his chest, and from the same flattery of the victim. And the wonderful scenery, magic costumes and charming musical accompaniment only strengthen the effect, creating a unique, pleasant aftertaste of viewing. He, the ideal ruler, a talented commander, a powerful autocrat, can not cope with another, more complex, in his opinion, task - the family. In addition to state affairs, Lear had three charming daughters who, perhaps, love their father with all their heart. Once Lear, worried about his state and throne, informed his daughters that he would receive his title of king, or rather, the queen, the one who would love him most. Two older daughters probably understood, showing their false mask, but the youngest Cordelia did not want to show her unoriginal love, for which she was expelled by her father. Therefore, the protagonist decides, before his departure, to distribute the powers to manage the state, with his other state officials. But everything went wrong, confusion began. These signals meant a lot, for "King Lear", including the likely fall of his dictatorship.