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Dark Vale (2018)
Year, country:
Jason M.J. Brown
Chloe Clarke, Martin Farmilo, Sadie Kime
1h 24min
On the territory of England unfolding incredible, mystical events, the direct participants of which by coincidence of circumstances become young people. Once a couple in love, adored to spend a joint holiday, studying various attractions and unusual places, goes to a dilapidated, ancient church to explore in detail the intriguing place of its history, located near London. Tourists who want to get new impressions and unforgettable emotions managed to satisfy their desires, as the planned trip will in fact become impressive for them and will be remembered forever, only for other reasons, not connected with the historical value or features of the architecture of the ancient structure, destroyed under the influence of external effects. The inquisitive couple involuntarily, by their own, inoffensive actions, being in a damn place, attracts the undesirable attention of the evil spirit, once being some Lady Lucy. The young lady lived in the neighborhood of the church more than a century ago and this world left in a day that should become the happiest for her and significant in destiny. The girl died on her own wedding in the circumstances of the strange. For a long time, the restless soul has completely lost touch with its own humanity and has become a vindictive, embittered ghost, wishing death to all living. The phantom lady seeks cruelly to deal with all uninvited guests, in these places that have appeared, violating her quiet, solitary existence. A young couple visiting a gloomy building becomes the target of the pursuit of a fierce, otherworldly creation.