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Middleground (2017) HD
Middleground (2017)
Year, country:
Alisa Khazanova
Marisa Ryan, Rob Campbell, Chris Beetem
1h 13min
The couple travel to another city to relax a bit, where they settle in the cozy room of a small hotel. They planned to spend a couple of days in an unfamiliar place, but there are unforeseen circumstances that contribute to staying longer here. The days drag on incredibly long, they are all the same, monotonous and boring. The husband is engaged in working negotiations with colleagues, constantly visits friendly events with employees. The woman is forced to spend time alone, which leads to the suspicion of the spouse in deception about the true whereabouts and pastime. She begins to take all sorts of soothing, potent, medicines that have an adverse effect on the weakened psyche, leading to unflattering side effects. The woman is beginning to be haunted by nightmares, obsessive, unusual thoughts, provoking family conflicts and loud scandals that have a predictable reaction from the indignant, frustrated husband. The situation is obsessed with repetitive claims that cause mutual dislike and alienation. Accidental acquaintance with an attractive man changes the course of monotonous everyday life. A mysterious stranger shows an obvious interest in an attractive person, intending to spend some time in seclusion, obviously not for pleasant, empty conversations. Unintentional acquaintance threatens the family life frustrated with recent events. Years of marriage can collapse at any moment, it is so weakened that there is enough little external influence to erase forever lived together years.