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Unsane (2018)
Year, country:
Steven Soderbergh
Claire Foy, Joshua Leonard, Jay Pharoah
1h 38min
When a person is persecuted by incessantly strange, obsessive hallucinations provoking a gradual emergence of pathological closure, unwillingness to discuss existing problems, he will certainly be in the hospital ward of the corresponding medical institution. A woman on compulsory treatment is in a hospital intended for the mentally ill. She tries to convince medical personnel that she is absolutely healthy, in medical need no help. The patient showed a propensity to loneliness and unsociability from an early childhood. All sorts of life problems caused the manifestation of a depressive state, accompanying emotional explosions led to the emergence in the frustrated mind of unusual, realistic images, gradually turned into an unending nightmare, pursuing the unfortunate lover of absolute solitude. Signs of inadequate behavior, for the presence of mental signs of the disorder, noticed others, about the incident in the relevant reporting instance. After that the girl was placed in the hospital for an indefinite period. Specialists diagnose and prescribe medications that make it easier to position the patient and gradually lead to a normal, psychologically balanced state. Unfortunately, the atmosphere established within the walls of a psychiatric hospital does not contribute to finding peace of mind, preventing a deliberate progress towards recovery. The weakened psyche of the mentally ill is exposed to undesirable stress created by external, unfavorable influences. She ends her life trying to commit suicide, so the orderlies tie her with straps to the hospital bed.