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The Last Witness (2018)
Year, country:
Piotr Szkopiak
Alex Pettyfer, Robert Wieckiewicz, Talulah Riley
1h 37min
The most bloody and monstrous war in history has recently ended, people are gradually getting used to the post-war times, rebuilding the destroyed cities and healing the mental wounds received after the tragedies and numerous irreparable losses. Stephen Underwood lives in Bristol, where he works as a journalist in a popular publishing house, has good prospects for career growth. An ambitious, purposeful reporter with incredible business acumen and perseverance, strives to build a successful career in professional work and win universal recognition. To become famous in the literary arena, it is necessary to choose the topic of the future article and to obtain exciting material that can interest a large number of potential readers of the information publication. Unexpectedly, a young journalist gets a great chance to reveal his own potential and achieve the long-awaited advancement in his career. Once completely by accident, he becomes the owner of information about the circumstances of suicide committed by a Polish soldier who is in a camp organized for temporary stay of refugees. Journalistic foreboding directs Stephen on the right track, which soon displays reliable information, supported by undeniable evidence of what happened, the terrible events in Katyn. The facts are becoming known to the general public about the terrible, cruel slaughter of more than two tens of thousands of Polish soldiers. Secrets, hidden from people for a long time, will radically affect the lives of citizens living in post-war Europe.