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Burn Out (2017)
Year, country:
Yann Gozlan
François Civil, Olivier Rabourdin, Manon Azem
1h 47min
A young Frenchman from childhood was fond of racing, adored speed and great risk. Growing up, the young man began to professionally engage in a risky sport, delivering great pleasure, allowing to realize all the cherished desires. A motorcycle racer has a family, in which a child is brought up, which requires not only parental love, but also significant financial costs for a normal existence. At this time, the guy does not develop with a sports career, so the family of serious financial problems is experiencing difficulties, immediately requiring a solution to this problem. Once, at the confluence of incredible circumstances, he has in his hands a solid batch of marijuana, which the man decides to hide, so that later on to resell big money to solve many problems. The gangster group, engaged in drug trafficking, quickly calculates the kidnapper. The thugs in the absence of the head of the family break into the house and severely beat the wife, threatening imminent death to all family members if the husband does not return the stolen. In a hopeless situation, the guy is forced to go to the specified place to hand over the goods to drug dealers. Arrived at the meeting, the criminal, who hid his own appearance under the mask, informs that for the perfect fault the motorcycle racer will have to work for some time on the mafia, otherwise the loved ones expect a sad fate. At the first delivery of the illegal cargo, the new-found drug dealer is detained by policemen who have established surveillance over this criminal organization, and offer cooperation, promising to protect the family of the unfortunate racer from bloodthirsty bandits.