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La musica del silenzio (2017)
Year, country:
Michael Radford
Antonio Banderas, Jordi Mollà, Toby Sebastian
1h 55min
Andrea Bocelli lived a difficult life full of tragic accidents and complex situations. It was very early for him to realize from his own experience the cruelty of fate. Immediately after birth, the child showed an innate, incurable disease that affected the optic nerves. Doctors in advance warned parents about possible deviations from the future baby, but they took risks, not daring to lose their parental happiness. Constantly progressing disease eventually ended in absolute blindness. The boy completely lost his sight at the age of twelve, subtly feeling the world around him as a teenager. Contrary to the existing physical defect, an adult young man, showing a unique talent for music perception, was able to develop his abilities and achieve incredible, professional success in his beloved cause. Lacking the opportunity to observe the processes around him, to see the beauty of the world around him, the young Andrea found solace in music lessons, which became his vocation and eternal love. Having lost the ability to visual perception, he was able to develop to an inconceivable degree the inner sensation of emotional and managed through singing to convey his feelings to numerous spectators. Gifted with unique abilities, a man put a lot of effort, endless patience and perseverance to turn himself into an unsurpassed Italian star. He became widely known, inimitable performer of musical works of classical direction and modern. The living legend of the opera and variety stage has a beautiful voice, universally recognized world masters of this art.