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The Bye Bye Man (2017)
Year, country:
Stacy Title
Douglas Smith, Lucien Laviscount, Cressida Bonas
1h 37min
John, Sasha and Elliot are three young guys who are best friends. They go to college and live on campus. Once they move to their own house, they are glad that now they do not live in the hostel at all. In the world there is a huge number of brutal murders: senseless violence, unthinkable atrocities, countless victims are all acts of human hands. They invite their girls, arrange a party about housewarming and rejoice at life in every possible way. But they do not even realize that in this house there lives a terrible evil spirit - BayBayMan, whom they involuntarily disturbed by their arrival. One can not talk about him  otherwise he will come and start hunting for a person. Soon they come across BayBaiMan: they see a kind of dark silhouette chasing them, it appears in their photos in the background, getting closer to them, although no one else sees it. Besides all the other young people start to see frightening hallucinations and hear strange sounds , similar to a whisper and someone's voices. Three college students go outside the campus. Arriving at the scene, they suddenly encounter a mighty sinister spirit, nicknamed BaiBaiMan, eager for their death. Soon they will learn that a mysterious villain mysteriously kills everyone who knows his name, constantly thinking about him. Every unfortunate who violates these two simple rules, awaits a cruel unthinkable death, as if BaiBayMan himself, like a skilled puppeteer, makes the unfortunate, step by step, inexorably follow to their doom. Will our heroes be saved from a sinister murderer, which otherwise the number of victims? BayBayMan kill them in a dream. The life of young people turns into a real hell including their girls they do not have to pronounce the name of an evil mystic spirit...