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Favorites Salt and Fire (2016)

Salt and Fire (2016)
Year, country:
Werner Herzog
Veronica Ferres, Michael Shannon, Gael García Bernal
1h 38min
In South America, there is a major environmental disaster. Whom to blame for such an incident? What consequences can you expect? One major consequence is already apparent - a volcano is ready to erupt, dozing for many years. A couple of absolutely different people will face at the junction of interests is studying volcanoes. The volcano does not spare anyone, the eruption can not be stopped, but they will try to reduce its destructive power. A talented environmentalist is the largest financier who does not want to lose money. The United Nations sends a research team to South America to study geological by Laura and Fabio (Gael Garcia Bernal) kidnappers working for mining corporation odious businessman Matt Riley (Michael Shannon), who does not want to harm the UN envoys - it's even worse. The girl managed to achieve success in the career of an ecologist with a world-wide reputation. She performs various studies, working for the largest corporation. Latest experiments show fantastic results - a catastrophe is coming. She tried to obtain a ban on the activities of this organization which entailed a natural catastrophe. It is in vain that she tries to warn them, nobody wants to listen to her, and her knowledge is used to the detriment of nature. A powerful volcano wakes up. The consequences of the catastrophe are hard to imagine. Laura and the shameless capitalist Riley, could unite only the catastrophe. The heroine confronts the head of the world business corporation responsible for irresponsible drilling which ultimately lead to the appearance of a super volcano for the region. Salt and Flame are ready to escape and absorb half the world. Heroes, in normal circumstances nothing but insults and insults. The heroes of the  film will also having survived the romantic history against the backdrop of a global cataclysm.