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Every Day (2018)
Year, country:
Michael Sucsy
Angourie Rice, Justice Smith, Debby Ryan
1h 37min
The central character of the fantastic melodrama "Every New Day" is a shy and indecisive young lady named Rhiannon. She does not seek to make friends, preferring to lead a solitary lifestyle. A minor girl very much wants to fall in love with a charming prince without memory. The main heroine believes that ideal constrictions exist only in romantic books, reading of which she is addicted.A permanent stay in an unstable position becomes commonplace. Pretty girl has changed everything radically, turning the situation from ordinary to intolerable. In one of the images he spends one day with a charming, attractive Richanon and hopes to fall in love. Friend shows mutual friendship and intentions. It is impossible to organize planned changes because the outer shell does not stop changing. Once the paths of the pretty Rhiannon intersect with a kind-hearted and sympathetic handsome man. He opens an enigmatic world to the interesting acquaintance in its full diversity and gives her hope. The boys quickly became friends. But suddenly the friend disappears. Soon the nature and habits are quite similar. Then he disappears. The modest woman finds out that her elect is an ethereal spirit. Having gained courage, the lovers try to get to know each other before Rihann. To admirer the admirer, daily resettlement of an unscrupulous soul. Charming novel, when each next meeting is unpredictable, it is unknown in what form a newborn lover will appear, even changing gender and nationality.