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Alien Psychosis (2017) HD
Alien Psychosis (2017)
Year, country:
Jason Mills
Steve Baran, Lee Tomaschefski, Jackson Berlin
1h 7min
Ryan O'Neal, a veteran of the war, wounded in battle. Tony, a corrupt policeman, helped her while her husband was serving the country. Post-traumatic shock often becomes a catalyst for the emergence of supernatural opportunities. Suffering from a military injury in the war, the guy returned to his native America as a veteran. Ryan Onil was heavily contused, which greatly influenced his psychological state. Stephanie's wife is in the position, she is trying to help her loved one survive post-war stress. The former soldier will cope with his inner demons very badly. Increasingly, sudden quarrels broke out between the spouses. The woman's brother Tony never liked the brother-in-law, between them as if the black cat ran before Sending Onil to protect interests of the USA.Ryan spent some time in extreme conditions. The man performed special tasks in the zone of military operations. Therefore, his return to civil reality is accompanied by a number of problems. Ryan and Tony never loved each other when Ryan starts to have outbursts and visions of murderers, aliens and other strange creatures in his house at night. Stephanie's wife expects the child to appear, and her brother helps relatives in every possible way. Tony serves in the police, so he is directly connected with crime. Veterans can direct their visions to the benefit of the investigating authorities. The veteran understands that his behavior threatens not only the safety of his wife, but also the health of an unborn child. At night, a man is tortured by horrible nightmares, and in the afternoon by hallucinations. In his visions, Ryan began to see bloodthirsty killers, incomprehensible creatures and even extraterrestrials. All of them tried to harm him, and the former soldier tried to defend himself. The relationship between Stephanie and the protagonist will soon come to a standstill, if the husband in the near future can not figure out his fears.After all, his sinister images from the subconscious are related to real crimes. After days, Ryan soon learns what an ominous presence haunted him in his nightmares.