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eHero (2018) HD
eHero (2018)
Year, country:
Joseph Procopio
Greg Hovanessian, Chloe Rose, Sean Astin
1h 25min
Scientists are constantly engaged in researching the limits of human capabilities and developing effective ways to improve them. Some people think about applying in some sports directions not so much physical as their intellectual talents. The future is coming and real athletes-people safely replace their digital counterparts, participating in specially designed computer battles, which are managed by advanced masters-programmers. They apply brilliant ideas to develop their own projects implemented in unique programs designed for virtual competitions. A young gamer who possesses unsurpassed mastery of this kind of battles joins a collective of like-minded people who have united to create a promising, invincible team. The ambitious professional practitioner Tyler tries to adapt to the new conditions and to establish interaction with the other participants of the game group, trying to earn respect and recognition of his authority. In the shortest time, he improves the teammates' playing skills, turning them into an enterprising, enterprising, well-coordinated team with a fighting spirit and a desire for primacy. The guys are training hard, not stopping from the screens for days, trying to achieve a high level of skills in order to take part in the upcoming battles with the most famous players-champions on an equal footing. A huge prize fund has been prepared for the winner. To get the coveted award, you need to reach without loss to the final, where you will meet a strong opponent who does not know defeats. Companions will have to gather strength and apply all the skills.