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Favorites How to Talk to Girls at Parties (2017)

How to Talk to Girls at Parties (2017) HD
How to Talk to Girls at Parties (2017)
Year, country:
John Cameron Mitchell
Elle Fanning, Nicole Kidman, Ruth Wilson
1h 42min
Crichton is an incredibly dangerous London area where it's very risky to be in the dark. It is in this unpleasant place that Anne and his close friend live. Friends are adherents of the youth movement is ready, regularly attend all kinds of parties of the appropriate theme. Once on a gothic get-together they get acquainted with a pair of charming girls, differing from those around them with unusual behavior and strange, uncharacteristic for most manners. At first glance, the guys took a stranger for extravagant foreigners who feel a little uncomfortable in a foreign country, who do not know the local customs and generally accepted rules of communication. They thought that the girls arrived in England on the basis of a well-known program of experience exchange between universities of certain states. How wrong they were. Young guys who came to rest and enjoyed themselves in a crowded place did not come to mind that strange foreign students are not simple representatives of the weaker sex. They were extraterrestrials sent to Earth by unknown civilizations to carry out a specific mission. Space spies enthusiastically reacted to the initiative of the guys, entered into close communication, in order to establish contact and get acquainted more closely with human beings. They took new acquaintances into the development, establishing a closer relationship, trying to figure out the weaknesses of the earthly population, preferences and worldview. Extraterrestrial beauties did not expect that such close interaction would lead to irreversible changes in their views on an alien, unfamiliar world and its inhabitants. A rather complicated situation will arise for all participants in the events.