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Fits and Starts (2017) HD
Fits and Starts (2017)
Year, country:
Laura Terruso
Wyatt Cenac, Greta Lee, Maria Dizzia
1h 20min
When talented creative individuals develop romantic relationships and subsequently create a family in common, this leads to a multitude of problems. People who are involved in creativity and who have a certain gift possess a natural gift, have a completely different attitude and sensitivity to events, around what is happening. They are very painful to survive the competition, especially if it is a close person. Spouses are both professional writers who have devoted literature to a long time, trying to achieve great success. There comes a time when the works written by Jennifer are very popular with readers, and David's books show no significant interest. Against the backdrop of this injustice, there are exacerbations in the establishment of mutual understanding. A woman acquires universal recognition, passers-by on the street recognize her, begin to invite her to the reading meetings. The husband is hard at experiencing the unexpected success of his wife, feeling jealousy and some bitterness, with an offense mixed with unjust fate. He can not with his own resign failures. At the next official evening, Jennifer decides to introduce the chosen one to the publisher, having advertised his abilities for literature, presenting himself as a very talented author. The interested, enterprising person decided to get to know the writer more closely, inviting him to a more detailed conversation. Absolute mediocrity of the interlocutor immediately struck the eye of an experienced book publisher, which caused the writer-loser to seriously think about the need to do self-improvement and stop envying others.