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In Darkness (2018)
Year, country:
Anthony Byrne
Natalie Dormer, Emily Ratajkowski, Ed Skrein
1h 40min
For creative personalities who find themselves in hopeless situations, music at times becomes the only satisfaction and method that allows you to get away from an unpleasant, cruel reality. Sophia, because of the coincidence of the tragic circumstances, lost sight, so it is forced to exist in the dark darkness, only when it is necessary to leave his room. On the streets of London, lawlessness thrives; here are the terrible things of evil bandits committed with impunity. Fearing all sorts of troubles, the blind woman tries not to leave the house, where she knows every inch of the room, so she freely moves without any help. She has a musical talent, begins to play piano in moments of emotional experience, delivering pleasant moments to her loved ones and improving her mood. You can watch the online Invisible movie 2018 in good quality free of charge without registration. The neighbors are sensitive to such musical performances, knowing how difficult it is for someone with a disability to adapt to the usual environment. Once, performing the next piece on his favorite instrument, Sofia heard outward sounds that indicate penetration into the apartment of the attacker. There were no savings in the family of money, so they were not afraid of theft. The frightened woman realized that the criminal went into the next room, and then something terrible happened. The called police said that the absolutely terrible murder of a loved one. A blind musician lost interest in a favorite lesson, which did not bring relief. She constantly thinks about all kinds of revenge, which is much more complicated by the lack of ability to see the world around.