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A Violent Man (2017) HD
A Violent Man (2017)
Year, country:
Matthew Berkowitz
Thomas Q. Jones, Isaach De Bankolé, Chuck Liddell
1h 47min
Purposeful, courageous person professionally engaged in mixed martial arts, significant having achieved success in the favorite business. For a long time he remains the best fighter, retaining the first position among athletes. Some fights result in certain troubles, as the participants of the meeting get serious injuries, sometimes requiring medical intervention to eliminate serious consequences. Defending victory in the battle ring is always associated with pain and various injuries, sometimes spilled blood refers exclusively to sports rivalry, has no claims of personal. Unlike the significant successes in sports, on the personal front the guy failed to achieve concrete results, remaining as a lonely bachelor who does not have a beloved woman and a family hearth. The renowned sportsman did not meet a girl worthy of a long, romantic relationship, so she meets the natural needs of the young body with one-off, night meetings with different, easily accessible ladies. This way of life became habitual and up to a certain point quite satisfied him. However, it is time to reflect on the unsettled life, to rethink the past years, to overestimate the deeds done and to change the life priorities that have been created over the years. The next evening, held with a young stranger, ended traditionally. Partners ran away the next morning without leaving contact phones, about meeting not agreeing. Soon the man becomes aware that the girl was unknown killed by the attacker, and suspicions fall on him about the involvement in the death of the unfortunate.