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The Honor List (2018)
Year, country:
Elissa Down
Meghan Rienks, Sasha Pieterse, Karrueche Tran
1h 43min
Four girls have engaged in friendly, indestructible relationships since childhood. Girls once were trained in the same school, where they grew up together, fell in love and acquired the first life experience. They trusted their intimate friends spiritual secrets, tried to devote their free time to joint entertainment, organizing an interesting pastime. Schooling was nearing completion and future alumni swore that they would never destroy a strong friendship and would maintain mutual communication even from a distance. They compiled a list of important cases that must necessarily be completed before the prom. On the contrary to each planned event, a strictly defined date for its execution is set. However, a succession of diverse, turbulent events does not allow us to adhere to the plans foreseen in advance. There are a lot of more important problems that require immediate resolution, so the cherished list is postponed to the far shelf. A lot of time passes, the grown-up girls have long graduated from school, having gone various ways to building their own happiness. They are busy building a career, trying to improve their material condition, trying to arrange a personal life, forgetting about the maiden vow. However, there is a tragic incident that reunited old friends, compelling to recall the once promised promises. Gathered after a long separation together, the girls begin to recall the past events, spent together time and gradually recalls the memory of the list of unfinished business. Apparently it's time to eliminate the shortcomings and complete the tasks once set.