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Agnelli (2017) HD
Agnelli (2017)
Year, country:
Nick Hooker
Edoardo Agnelli, Giovanni Agnelli, Marella Agnelli
1h 50min
Gianni Agnelli is the famous FIAT leader, who deserves to be considered a symbol of the Italian renaissance. The history of the life of a rich, influential aristocrat was very complex. His fate was determined in advance by an enviable heritage, an innate, indomitable passion and purposefulness. Numerous admirers of unsurpassed qualities and business acumen proclaimed him a legend, worthy of universal admiration, during his lifetime. A domineering person was considered an uncrowned Italian prince who was able to translate into reality an incredible power, an unshakable conviction aimed at development in a difficult era after the end of a bloody, destructive war. Then the European countries were in a state of devastation and political instability, affecting an unstable economy. In a difficult time, Agnelli had to lead an automobile company, organized by his own grandfather half a century ago, in danger of complete decline. The excellent manager was able to preserve the family business and raise production to an incredible level, remaining a permanent leader for thirty years. He was a charming, irresistible man who exerts an incredible influence on those around him with the natural charisma and the ability to manipulate the feelings and emotions of people. Representatives of the weaker sex admired his charm and ability to care for the ladies, men sought to imitate the habits and mannerisms of communication in society. He constantly turned his mistresses, not trying to deny himself the pleasure, had very extensive, useful connections in the highest circles, allowing to always achieve the set goals.