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Tad the Lost Explorer and the Secret of King Midas (2017)
Year, country:
David Alonso, Enrique Gato
Óscar Barberán, Michelle Jenner, Adriana Ugarte
1h 25min
Ted is a professional builder with a good qualification. A simple citizen is engaged in ordinary activities, having an unattractive life. But everything is completely different in reality. Its existence boils down to a multitude of amazing events. An energetic guy is a resident of Chicago. Between construction and sleep, he takes a great interest in studying historical information about ancient treasures. Unconventional addiction contributes to the occurrence of unexplained difficulties, the performance of illogical acts and strange actions. He is often a participant in amazing events. Somehow, wandering around Peru, he found the treasures that once belonged to the Incas, and by incredible efforts he escaped from imminent death, fleeing from intruders who wanted to profit. After this dangerous incident, a long time passed. Trying not to think about past mistakes and troubles, a brave, restless guy plans to return to adored activities again and organize another trip. He is going to interrupt a prolonged break and go to Las Vegas to contemplate a world-famous archaeological find. Ted is eager to participate in the upcoming presentation, and urgently acquires a ticket. A professional seeker of artifacts has found a valuable thing - the necklace of Midas, described in ancient legends, where it is said that it is turned into gold. The archaeologist has found a treasure, confirming the events of authenticity, described in the legend. Suddenly, an insidious villain abducts a brave girl and a found, miraculous jewel. Soon Ted arrives at the meeting place, finds out that his colleague disappeared without a trace, and hurries to the rescue.